The network
The Enterprise Engineering Network is a research and training network targeting PhD candidates and Research Fellows (Postdoctoral researchers) in the area of enterprise engineering, and model-enabled development, regulation, and operation, of enterprises in particular. Next to the supervision of PhD Candidates and Research Fellows, the network activities of the network involve: 
  • Research seminars
  • Events targeting interaction with practitioners
  • Events targeting interaction with MSc students
  • Development of a joint curriculum for EE researchers and associated courses
  • Co-organisation of scientific events
The hosts of the network are also concerned with the formulation and conducting of joint research projects. However, the EE Network itself focuses on the actual training activities of PhD candidates and Research Fellows.

The history of the EE Network, and its direct predecessors, can be traced back to 2001. 

The hosts
The EE Network is currently hosted at five locations: two in Luxembourg, and three in the Netherlands. The headquarters are based in Luxembourg:
  1. Headquarters: The IT for Innovative Services department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Belval, Luxembourg.
  2. The Model Based System Development department of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences of the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
  3. The HAN University of Applied Science, Arnhem, the Netherlands.
  4. The Information Systems Architecture group of the Utrecht University of Applied Science, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  5. The Individual and Collective Reasoning and the Model Driven Engineering groups of the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
To enable a practical operation of the training activities, in particular in for the research seminars, the EE Network has a traditional geographical focus on the Rhine-Scheldt-Meuse-Moselle basin, which includes the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), the Rhineland in Germany, as well as Lorraine in France. 

Management of the network

  • General Chair: Prof. Dr. Henderik A. Proper
  • Local management for:
    • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and University of Luxembourg: Prof. Dr. Henderik A. Proper
    • Université de Lorraine, Prof. Dr. Hervé Panetto
    • Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences: Lect. Dr. Stijn J.B.A. Hoppenbrouwers
    • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences: Lect. Dr. Raymond Slot