Being a research training network, the EE-Network (co-)organises several events to facilitate the training of both the PhD Candidates and the Research Fellows of the network. More specifically:
  1. EE-Seminars involving presentations and coaching sessions of/for PhD Candidates and Research Fellows. 
  2. EE-Insights concerned with the creation of informal interaction between researchers and practitioners.
  3. EE-Challenges where groups of visiting MSc students work with researchers on real world case studies.
  4. Co-organisation of scientific events. Different Fellows of the EE-Network are regularly involved in the organisation of scientific events such as:
    1. IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) conferences.
    2. Transformation and Engineering of Enterprises (TEE) workshops.
    3. The Exploring Modelling Methods for Systems Analysis and Design (EMMSAD) working conferences.
    4. The Enterprise Engineering Working conferences (EEWC).
    5. Relevant tracks at ECIS conferences.
    6. Relevant tracks at MCIS conferences.
    Each time we ensure that Research Fellows and/or PhD Candidates, as part of their training, also participate in the organisation of these events.
  5. The development of a joint curriculum for EE researchers and associated courses. This stream of activities has not started yet, and is planned to be initiated in the fall of 2015.
  6. Even though the EE-Network is primarily a research training network, it also provide a springboard for joint research and/or research training proposals at national, bi-lateral and/or European level.