It is in the interest of all members of the network to increase its visibility. Therefore we have some rules regarding references to the EE-Network in presentations, publications and PhD theses.


  • There is no requirement for the use of an EE-Network template.
  • It is required for PhD Candidates, during a presentation, to refer to the fact that they are a member of the EE-Network. 
  • This preferably includes a reference to the website:


  • On publications, it is required for PhD Candidates to, as part of their affiliation, refer to their membership of the EE-Network. 
  • This preferably includes a reference to the website:

PhD thesis

For PhD thesis, the following is required (as far as allowed by rules from the Degree Awarding University):

  • When the thesis is printed as a book with a proper cover, then it is required to include the EE Logo (the red and blue E's), on the spine of the cover, directly from the top prefacing the author name.
  • Include in the front matter (typically on the so-called "Copyright page") of the thesis:
    • EE-network dissertation [year-number] by [author name]
    • Inclusion of the EE logo on the copyright page
  • Two pages with the "EE-Network Dissertation Series" as an unnumbered chapter after the curriculum vitae, before the appendices. These two pages (front and back) will contain:
    • a short description of the EE-Network as a research and training network, 
    • a reference to the website, 
    • as well as a list of the most recent other PhD dissertations in the series, as far as can be fitted on the total of the two pages.